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Windows 8 Professional Edition (Leaked Version)

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Windows 8 Professional Edition (Leaked Version)

Post by Tamu on Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:39 am

Windows 8 Professional Edition (Leaked Version)
Size | 4.3 gb

With Windows 7 poised like a racehorse huffing at the start gate, it??™️s hard to imagine plans for the next version. However, if a leaked roadmap from the Italian Microsoft subsidiary is correct, consumers may see Windows 8 sometimes around 2012. Granted it??™️s easy to doctor a roadmap image using Photoshop and what not, a new OS three years from now certainly isn??™️t unlikely. what not, a new OS three years from now certainly isn??™️t unlikely.

This blog points out the tilda next to the date, indicating that Microsoft isn??™️t exactly locked on a 2012 deadline, giving the company some breathing room. ???That tilda keeps things nice ???n loose for Microsoft??™️s public deadline, but if Windows 7??™️s development is exemplary of how future versions of Windows are to be developed, (2nd half of) 2012 could be considered a worst-case scenario for the delivery of Windows 8 Server,??? the blog reads.

As pointed out by PC Games Hardware, Microsoft??™️s chief of development Steven Sinofsky introduced a method of planning conservative release dates with Windows 7 to prevent another Windows Vista scenario. With that said, Microsoft may internally target an earlier release date with Windows 8.

Windows 8 Pro Zx its a System based on Windows Vista Sp2 that Combines the most secure stability with the fastest and best graphic quality.
Windows 8 Pro Zx Core its a compilation of the most important reg tweaks and system files modifications.

Windows 8 Pro Zx has no components removed from Original Vista, it hasn??™️t been filtered with Vlite at all, and its not unattended so its compatible with all languages and updates. Theres also the option to upgrade system but its not recommended.

All default applications are silently installed before StartUp??¦

Tools Integrated In System:

* Diskeeper 2009
* DirectX Updated June 2009
* Driver Magician
* Flash Player 10
* Java
* K-Lite Mega Codec Pack
* Logon Studio
* Notepad 2
* Notepad 5++
* PhotoShop CS4
* Sydebar Styler + Sydebar Styles
* Silverlight
* Adobe Reader 9
* DeskScape
* UltraIso
* Unlocker
* System Utility Suite
* Winrar 3.9
* Windows Live Messenger 2009
*??¦ and much more??¦.


* Windows Media Player Art Display (Optional)
* Copy Handler ( A better Copy and Paste than the Windows Original)
* Nvidia PureVideo (Optional)
* Object Dock Plus v1.9 (Optional)
* Cursor Fx + Cursor 3D (Optional)
* +50 Winrar Themes
* Over 1500 PNG HQ Icons + Backgrounds For Stardock Object Dock Plus
* Extra HQ Wallpapers
* 8 Optional Start Buttons easy to replace
* Special HQ Dreamscenes
*??¦ and much more??¦.

Download Links

Hotfile Vi8PZX.part01.rar.html Vi8PZX.part02.rar.html Vi8PZX.part03.rar.html Vi8PZX.part04.rar.html Vi8PZX.part05.rar.html Vi8PZX.part06.rar.html Vi8PZX.part07.rar.html Vi8PZX.part08.rar.html Vi8PZX.part09.rar.html Vi8PZX.part10.rar.html Vi8PZX.part11.rar.html Vi8PZX.part12.rar.html Vi8PZX.part13.rar.html Vi8PZX.part14.rar.html Vi8PZX.part15.rar.html Vi8PZX.part16.rar.html Vi8PZX.part17.rar.html

Uploading Vi8PZX.part01.rar Vi8PZX.part02.rar Vi8PZX.part03.rar Vi8PZX.part04.rar Vi8PZX.part05.rar Vi8PZX.part06.rar Vi8PZX.part07.rar Vi8PZX.part08.rar Vi8PZX.part09.rar Vi8PZX.part10.rar Vi8PZX.part11.rar Vi8PZX.part12.rar Vi8PZX.part13.rar Vi8PZX.part14.rar Vi8PZX.part15.rar Vi8PZX.part16.rar Vi8PZX.part17.rar


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